Starting Measurements in Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Before starting measurements in Aalto Behavioral Laboratory (ABL):

  1. Participate in ABL's user training course. The courses contains user training for differenet measurement systems. The course is not mandatory, but recommended for users new to equipment used in ABL. For information about the course and course schedules please contact veli-matti.saarinen [at] aalto [dot] fi.

  2. All studies involving human subjects must acquire a supporting statement from appropriate ethics committee (e.g. from Aalto University (available only from Aalto network), Hospital Disctrict of Helsinki and Uusimaa (in Finnish) or University of Helsinki.

  3. The scientific director accepts the research permission, which includes among others signature by the principal investigator, the names of people who are allowed to make reservations with this research permission, and the number of hours, which are also denoted in the financial obligation by the user.

  4. Laboratory can be reserved at the internet.

For additional information contact veli-matti.saarinen [at] aalto [dot] fi.

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